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American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged”

Do Americans still have the right to speak their minds freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment? Apparently not, as one 19-year-old can attest.  Newly professional bike racer Quinn Simmons lost his job when he supported President Trump with one word. A Dutch journalist, Jose Been, had tweeted that he hopes “this horrible presidency ends for youContinue reading “American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged””


Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx?

The reason you got a prescription for the wrong medication is simple. Your doctor did not choose it, someone who never heard your name and doesn’t know your medical history, that faceless person decided what medicines you take. These faceless, unseen doctors-without-licenses are government rule writers, insurance actuaries, and bureaucrats working for pharmacy benefits management (PBM). EveryContinue reading “Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx?”

Are U.S. Doctors ‘Free’ to Practice Medicine?

The title question might seem silly, even ludicrous. It is anything but. In the United States today, a truck driver is free to choose which gear to use going up a hill and at what speed to go down the hill. Accountants and lawyers are free to accept or refuse specific jobs and how toContinue reading “Are U.S. Doctors ‘Free’ to Practice Medicine?”

Federal bureaucracy is hazardous to your health

Federal healthcare regulations with their attendant bureaucracies are supposed to facilitate patients getting the medical care they need when they need it. Sadly, bureaucracy does the exact opposite: it reduces access to care and can lead to needless deaths. Creating federal rules and regulations costs lots of money. The first round of instructions for the Affordable CareContinue reading “Federal bureaucracy is hazardous to your health”

Seesaw Proves American Healthcare ‘Wisdom’ Wrong

Common wisdom teaches that those who have health insurance get the care they need when they need it, and that those who don’t have coverage, don’t get care. This false “wisdom” is used by progressives to push for government-controlled, single payer healthcare. Evidence proves that this wisdom is not wise. In fact, it is 180Continue reading “Seesaw Proves American Healthcare ‘Wisdom’ Wrong”

Healthcare and the Insurance Principle

Amidst all the talk about signing up for mandatory insurance (or failing to do so) through, we have probably lost sight of what is really going on. I suspect that you, like a majority of Americans, think you buy health insurance so it will pay for your health care services and products. If so, I regret toContinue reading “Healthcare and the Insurance Principle”

Will Americans in 2020 Repudiate 1776?

Before the Revolutionary War, residents of the North American colonies were subjects of the British crown. They were entitled to as much or as little as the aristocracy allowed. Their living conditions and daily activities were dictated by the government. They paid whatever taxes were arbitrarily imposed by the crown. In 1776, the founding fathersContinue reading “Will Americans in 2020 Repudiate 1776?”

Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking

After describing machine and complex adaptive systems, we define a thinking system with two unique, defining characteristics: having goal(s) separate from survival and the capability to innovate purposefully. Thinking systems always learn and are the only systems that can structure their own learning. Healthcare is a paradigm of a thinking system and is repeatedly plaguedContinue reading “Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking”

Magical Thinkers in Washington

Predictions of cost savings through ObamaCare, like most liberal politics, were based on magical thinking. If they want something to be true with sufficiently intensity, liberals know it must be true. Small children are natural magical thinkers. Ask any psychologist, pediatrician, or parent. Magical thinkers believe that because they want it or can conceive ofContinue reading “Magical Thinkers in Washington”