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Kids should return to their school desks | Fix US Healthcare

With the summer drawing to a close, the big question for nearly 60 million U.S. school-age children is whether they can return to school, or must they remain at home, limited to remote learning? States and municipalities differ widely on whether and how to reopen schools based on differing assessments of the risks. The teacher unions areContinue reading “Kids should return to their school desks | Fix US Healthcare”


Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx?

The reason you got a prescription for the wrong medication is simple. Your doctor did not choose it, someone who never heard your name and doesn’t know your medical history, that faceless person decided what medicines you take. These faceless, unseen doctors-without-licenses are government rule writers, insurance actuaries, and bureaucrats working for pharmacy benefits management (PBM). EveryContinue reading “Why Did I Get the Wrong Rx?”