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American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged”

Do Americans still have the right to speak their minds freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment? Apparently not, as one 19-year-old can attest.  Newly professional bike racer Quinn Simmons lost his job when he supported President Trump with one word. A Dutch journalist, Jose Been, had tweeted that he hopes “this horrible presidency ends for youContinue reading “American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged””


Will Americans in 2020 Repudiate 1776?

Before the Revolutionary War, residents of the North American colonies were subjects of the British crown. They were entitled to as much or as little as the aristocracy allowed. Their living conditions and daily activities were dictated by the government. They paid whatever taxes were arbitrarily imposed by the crown. In 1776, the founding fathersContinue reading “Will Americans in 2020 Repudiate 1776?”

Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking

After describing machine and complex adaptive systems, we define a thinking system with two unique, defining characteristics: having goal(s) separate from survival and the capability to innovate purposefully. Thinking systems always learn and are the only systems that can structure their own learning. Healthcare is a paradigm of a thinking system and is repeatedly plaguedContinue reading “Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking”

Health care is not a federal responsibility | Choose Your Healthcare

There are a host of good reasons to “repeal” the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). “Replace” is an entirely different matter. Start with its negative effects on individuals and on our country. Americans are experiencing skyrocketing health insurance costs—premiums, co-pays, and deductibles—which is the opposite of what the law’s name promised: affordable. The ACA is wastingContinue reading “Health care is not a federal responsibility | Choose Your Healthcare”

Restoring Healthcare in America-Is It Possible?

U.S. healthcare is failing: it doesn’t deliver timely care and spends money we don’t have and can’t afford. Can healthcare be fixed? In 2018, the average American family spent $28,166 on healthcare costs. The same year, the U.S. poured $3.65 trillion -the GDP of Germany-into its healthcare system. Despite this incredible outlay, maximum average wait time to see aContinue reading “Restoring Healthcare in America-Is It Possible?”

Medicare-for-All Is Poison–“StatesCare” Is the Antidote

Deceptively labeled Medicare-for-All, Democrats’ plan for single payer healthcare, is nothing less than poison–hemlock for healthcare. It will “federalize” our system, what is called nationalization in socialist countries. Medicare-for-All would exacerbate the three basic problems Americans face in healthcare: overspending, un-affordability, and inadequate access. Adding insult to injury, Medicare-for-All, H.R. 1384, is unconstitutional. Calling Sanders’Continue reading “Medicare-for-All Is Poison–“StatesCare” Is the Antidote”

Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare

When it comes to our health care, we all want the same thing: the care we need, when we need it from people we choose at a price we can afford. Americans are confused about how to achieve this.  Why must all Americans have the same healthcare structure? If Californians want a single-payer system, ifContinue reading “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare”