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American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged”

Do Americans still have the right to speak their minds freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment? Apparently not, as one 19-year-old can attest.  Newly professional bike racer Quinn Simmons lost his job when he supported President Trump with one word. A Dutch journalist, Jose Been, had tweeted that he hopes “this horrible presidency ends for youContinue reading “American Freedom of Speech Has Been “Abridged””


Magical Thinkers in Washington

Predictions of cost savings through ObamaCare, like most liberal politics, were based on magical thinking. If they want something to be true with sufficiently intensity, liberals know it must be true. Small children are natural magical thinkers. Ask any psychologist, pediatrician, or parent. Magical thinkers believe that because they want it or can conceive ofContinue reading “Magical Thinkers in Washington”

More coverage doesn’t necessarily translate into better patient care

Everyone believes that the purpose of a healthcare system is to get the right care on time to the most people, and everyone is right. Where common wisdom goes astray is the presumption that coverage equals care. Most people think that having health insurance guarantees getting healthcare, i.e.,  1. Those who have coverage will getContinue reading “More coverage doesn’t necessarily translate into better patient care”