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Health Care and Healthcare: Immoral and Unconstitutional | Dr. Deane Waldman’s

For decades, political pundits and the mass media have bombarded the public with a drumbeat of misinformation on healthcare. By the power of constant repetition and with dissent suppressed, these two falsehoods have become commonly accepted wisdom: 1.Health care is a fundamental human right.2.Washington will solve our healthcare crisis. Health care MUST BE a right! AfterContinue reading “Health Care and Healthcare: Immoral and Unconstitutional | Dr. Deane Waldman’s”


Are U.S. Doctors ‘Free’ to Practice Medicine?

The title question might seem silly, even ludicrous. It is anything but. In the United States today, a truck driver is free to choose which gear to use going up a hill and at what speed to go down the hill. Accountants and lawyers are free to accept or refuse specific jobs and how toContinue reading “Are U.S. Doctors ‘Free’ to Practice Medicine?”

Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking

After describing machine and complex adaptive systems, we define a thinking system with two unique, defining characteristics: having goal(s) separate from survival and the capability to innovate purposefully. Thinking systems always learn and are the only systems that can structure their own learning. Healthcare is a paradigm of a thinking system and is repeatedly plaguedContinue reading “Thinking Systems Need Systems Thnking”

Health care is not a federal responsibility | Choose Your Healthcare

There are a host of good reasons to “repeal” the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). “Replace” is an entirely different matter. Start with its negative effects on individuals and on our country. Americans are experiencing skyrocketing health insurance costs—premiums, co-pays, and deductibles—which is the opposite of what the law’s name promised: affordable. The ACA is wastingContinue reading “Health care is not a federal responsibility | Choose Your Healthcare”