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Health Care and Healthcare: Immoral and Unconstitutional | Dr. Deane Waldman’s

For decades, political pundits and the mass media have bombarded the public with a drumbeat of misinformation on healthcare. By the power of constant repetition and with dissent suppressed, these two falsehoods have become commonly accepted wisdom:

1.Health care is a fundamental human right.
2.Washington will solve our healthcare crisis.

Health care MUST BE a right! After all, everyone says it, from policy wonks and mass media to Washingtonpoliticians and religious leaders, even Pope Francis!

Healthcare is, after all, a federal responsibility. If Washington wont fix healthcare, who will?

As long as these false facts form the basis of our policy discussion and planning, health care will be unavailable, and healthcare will be impossibly expensive.
Objective analysis of the above wisdom shows that a right to health care is immoral, and federal control of healthcare is unconstitutional.

Definition of terms

Healthcare can be one word or two. As two words, health care refers to an intimate, legally-protected, one-to-one, fiduciary relationship between patient and physician.

As one word, healthcare is the system, a massive, complex, exceedingly expensive, and dollar-inefficient industry that employs tens of millions of Americans and consumes nearly 20 percent of U.S. GDP.

The dictionary defines right as a noun, a moral or legal entitlement to have something or to act in a certain way. One does not have to qualify for a right or pay for it. People have access to their rights whenever and wherever they choose. For examples, consider the rights to free speech, religious liberty, and assembly (Amendment I); keep and bear arms (II); security in your home (IV); and speedy, public trial (VI) read more…

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