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Democrat Healthcare Promises are Another Fraud

On November 3, it was not only CoViD-19 but ongoing failure of our entire healthcare system that was foremost in voters’ minds. Close to 80 million Americans apparently believed Democrat promises they would produce a healthcare system we all want.

Whether implementing Medicare-for-All (favored by Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders), the Biden Healthcare Plan or some combination, Democrats promise they will accomplish the following.

1.All Americans, including more than 10 million undocumented immigrants, will have government-provided health insurance: everyone will have coverage.
2.Patients can choose their provider and their care per Section 103, Freedom of choice, in H.R. 1384, the Medicare-for-All bill.
3. Care will be free at point of service.
4. Only the wealthy, those making more than $400,000 per year, will see increased taxes.

Before considering the evidence for or against future Democrat promises, one should consider the fate of past promises, their track record. Otherwise, to quote philosopher Jorge Santana, those who do not study history [accept past reality] are doomed to repeat it [live in fantasy].

In 2009, then-President Obama assured us his namesake law would bend down the unsustainable healthcare spending curve. In fact, Obamacare added $1.76 trillion to healthcare spending. The promised family savings of $2500 per year turned out to be smoke and mirrors. The ACA more than doubled healthcare costs for the average American family according to both Heritage Foundation and Health and Human Services read more…

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